Slightly groovy... definitely a duck...

The duck rants... Beware the Ides of March, they were naffing awful for Julius Ceasar...
Flower covered house in Gordes, France - Summer 2003


Thanks to digital technology, Kodak is poorer and I don't have to mess around with scanning snaps...

GroovyDuck uses a Canon Digital Ixus 500 and Canon EOS 400D. This is a random image shown using PHP.

All of the images can be viewed here

GroovyDuck's Free Knitting Patterns!

Yes, knitting is the new rock and roll and the groovy kints are finally here!

Visit my knitting pages for some simple free knitting patterns of a kitten, monkey and a number of scarves.

An Elegant New CSS Trick

About a year ago I sought the holy grail of CSS, a 3 column layout & redesigned the site using a structural hack from It worked nicely & I liked the description "so diabolically clever that they had to have been sitting in a fake island volcano, stroking a large white cat and laughing fiendishly when they thought of it" - but it was still a hack. Recently I checked back & found an updated fix for clearing floats, the brilliantly simple overflow:auto tag s'beautiful...

Shakespearean insult of the day

Oh thou bootless elf-skinned giglet !

Random Quote

Words of wisdom, well mostly...

There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness

Friedrich Nietzsche


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