Groovy Duck's Epping Forest

Maps and Routes from "London's Epping Forest" by J A Brimble

Loughton to Monk Wood map Robin Hood pub to Wake Arms Inn map Monks Wood to Theydon Bois map Epping Thicks map The Lower Forest map Wake Arms to Warlies Park map Daws Hill towards Waltham Abbey map Fairmead to High Beach map Chingford to Fairmead map

These maps of Epping Forest have been scanned from an old copy of J A Brimble's book "London's Epping Forest" dating from 1950. Brimble wrote several books and articles on Epping Forest and mum remebers he had a newsagents on Chingford High Street where he sold his book, a trip to the sweetshop was a rare treat. Mum says the photos in the book show Epping Forest as she recalls it as a child, less roads and made up bridleways.

You can click on each map section to go to a more detailed version of the map. Enjoy!

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