Groovy Duck's Epping Forest

In an attempt to get slightly more exercise than zero the duck has re-discovered the forest of her childhood

Summer holidays were spent zooming round the 'gravel pits' and along the meadow in the lower part of Epping Forest by the Waterworks Roundabout. This stretch of Epping Forest has long been separated from the main forest but was, and still is, an imense source of fun to local kids. My father regularly blew trees up with home made 'devices', found bombs, built shacks, fell in ponds etc. Mum's forest was Chingford Plain and surrounding areas. As kids we blackberried at Fairmead, picnicked at the 'Gipsy Stone' which i at somepoint decided was a grave and refused to go near, and conkered at High Beach.

In later life the I broke my arm falling from a horse there, bicycled, walked and geocached my way though the woods, getting hopelessly lost on several occasions

The are relatively few maps of the Epping Forest trackways, and while the Corporation of London issues a good booklet of the bridleways it lacks the charm of the older maps, many of which are still pertinent today.

I've reproduced 2 old sets of maps, feel free to browse them or follow them for fun, but be aware that time will have changed some of the features!

Hope you enjoy them!

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