So, you got the dreaded job, maybe you have to pick a suitable and memorable gift for a member of staff who's leaving? Maybe it's a gift for a friend who's emigrating? what to get them? I've done the 'leaving' thing so many times and so well (according to the recipients) that I've decided to wrap up a bit of my knowldge here to help you. How to select a gift.
  1. Think about what the person likes, a foodie likes foodie type gifts, nature boys like outdoor stuff. If you don't know the person approach a close friend or colleague and ask, phone their partner and swear them to secrecy if you must.
  2. If the person has dropped hints then it's no bad thing to follow these up, its always nice though to add an extra something special when someone is getting an expected gift.
  3. Suprise them, a little. A really well choosen suprise gift will leave them gobsmacked.
  4. Google is your friend, as is Froogle. Research suitable things with the internet.
  5. Buying on the internet is easy and quick, it saves an awful lot of dragging round shops and most places do overnight delivery if you've left it late.
  6. Plan, plan, plan. Last minute rushing is no fun and can lead to disapointment if the gift doesn't arrive in time.
  7. If you're short of time, consider a 'virtual' gift like an Experience Day, you can print off the details from the internet and pop it inside a nice card.
  8. Get a card big enough or small enough for everyone to sign
  9. Make it personal and memorable, a compiled 'PhotoBook' is more memorable and personal than a bottle of Whiskey.