Software Process Improvement - GroovyDuck's View on it

Do you need software process improvement help?

What is a Software Process?

To start off, it's probably worth spending a moment looking at what a software process is. A software process is a repeatable set of steps used by a body or organization to produce a software product. There are many industry standard software processes, RUP, Agile, eXtreme Programming being just three common examples. The key with a software process is that it is standardized, repeatable and, preferably, measurable so that you can monitor performance. A software development process can be large or small, simple or complex, but should ultimately be tailored to the organization an purpose that the process serves.

What is Software Process Improvement?

This is exactly what it says on the tin, Software process improvement takes an existing software development process (or lack of software process!), analyzes what is working or not working, and changes the software development process so that it serves the organization better. Software process improvement can be difficult, this is because ultimately, it involves organizational change on some level and scale.

So how do improve a Software Process?

This is where we come in, can help you with software process improvement. We do this through a number of different techniques such as our software process HealthCheck; this is an inin depthnalysis of your current software development process resulting in a health report with recommendations for improvement. We can help you further in implementing recommendations and mentoring and guiding your teams to independence in an environment of continuous improvement. Call us now and benefit from our 15 years experience of software process improvement with SME and blue chip clients.