This is what happens when you scan a rubber duck


So why Well I would have liked as a sort of Eddie Izzard 'homage' (as in 'the tyranny of ducks' from 'Glorious') but sadly it was already taken. After a very long and stupid conversation with my brother spurred on by the duck theme and my current love of groove networks seemed the best choice. All the slightly 'media-ish' ones were taken up by avaricious gits who'd just registered the name in the hopes that someone would need it and pay them a ton of money for the pleasure (damn! Why didn't I think of that?) So to justify

The long and stupid thought process came up with a lot of 'easy' this and 'easy' that suggestions including but my bro and I reckoned that old NotSoEasy.Stelios probably had this in mind as the next business venture and would even sue for infringement over the suggested '' …

Some things I didn't know about rubber ducks until I googled: